15 Smart Tips You Can Try Now

carrot1.jpgSome of what’s been swimming around in my head lately;

Moderation: It’s probably less than you think it is. In general, I advise against buying into the extremes of nutritional philosophy.

The answer is usually somewhere in the middle. Kick yourself in the comfort zone – try things you haven’t before – attack your weaknesses in the gym and in regards to what you put down your pie-hole.

If the world of dietary claims and opinions needs one thing, it’s context. It is hasty to label things as “good” or “evil” without the proper context.

There is a fine line between skepticism and closed-mindedness but there is an equally fine line between open-minded and gullibility.

2 things I could do without: Celebrity gyms and single-food diet experiments.Don’t forget your D’s! My hemisphere is approaching winter. There’s a 95+% chance you’ll need extra vitamin D in the coming months.

Paleo diets can be very beneficial for many, but they aren’t necessarily “The way humans are supposed to eat” and no, grains will not rot your insides.

Click here for a down-to-earth analysis on Paleo diets.

With about 6 weeks until Christmas, why not ramp up your fitness and nutritional efforts rather than let them deteriorate? Much less work than playing catch up in January.

Only have 15 minutes? 5 min warm-up/mobility, 7 minute metabolic circuit with full body exercises – combine lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, push-presses, squats into a complex. 2 minutes – tabatas (sprints/recover) :30::30. 1 minute of laying in a pool of your own sweat and vomit (just kidding – work intensely but safely and always default to good form). Try this complex from Nia “I-warm-up-with-your-max” Shanks.In a weight rut? Give intermittent/modified fasting a shot. Try a 16-18 hour daily fast but shortening your eating window to a 6-8 hour spurts (12-7 for example).Sit at a computer most of the day? Aside from getting up as much as possible throughout the day – help your posture by doing a daily set of wall slides. The simplest way to improve a child’s nutritional habits and help prevent them from getting into trouble is to make a point to eat meals together as much as possible.Another detriment to children’s health: e-socializing. “Hyper-networking (3+ hours/day) and/or “Hyper-texting” (120+ text per day) is associated with a much higher likelihood of; smoking, drinking, fighting, depression, suicide, substance abuse, poor sleep, poor academics among other undesirable traits. In a “slow diet news day”, Alicia Silverstone cheats on her vegan diet sometimes by (get this) eating a bite of cheese. Now, I don’t mean to pick on vegans or vegan diets, or Alicia Silverstone for that matter – only the absurdity that she is being so harshly condemned for her slip-ups by hardcore vegan groups.

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